Thursday, March 3, 2016

Balancing Your Passion...What Really Matters

Back during football season, I watched all the energy, excitement and absolute insanity of behaviors of peoples’ passion toward this game. Do you see anyone that passionate about being a follower of Jesus? How about their own future? Do you see anybody wearing a Jesus jersey?  I mean, Alabama is a great university but it’s not Harvard or Yale or Oxford for that matter. If it fell off the planet yesterday it would have ZERO impact on my life, (forgive me, Dad).  However, Jesus, on the other hand.. well, He openly accepted a horrid, unspeakable death for you, for me, for everyone, JUST so we can spend eternity with Him in a place so wonderful words cannot explain it in a way in which we can understand it as humans. 

I don’t have a Jesus jersey, tshirt or hat. Do you? Do you know anyone that does? I mean, if you’re going to pour a passion into something, wouldn’t following Jesus be something worthy (the MOST worthy) of anything you have to offer?  This came to me as I witnessed people around me, tv, work and radio, fill the airwaves with talk of this “game” and these “teams” as if it was the end all, be all. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not casting stones, wait, maybe I am but I’m guilty as well. I witnessed the breaking of the 1st commandment, “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me.”   What a great way to examine yourself, what are my gods before God? I’ve probably obliterated those commandments many times throughout my life. Thank Jesus that I am forgiven.