Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Motorcycles are Dangerous And That's One of Their Good Points

I'm the ripe old age of 48 and have been riding motorcycles since I was a mere 44 (Thank You Hubby!). All my life I was taught the fear of things, motorcycles in particular and how they are a death trap and the sort, how everyone knows someone who was involved in a bike fatality, (I could go on here), etc...The last bf rode a Roadking and I hadn't told my mother because I knew she would be worried sick. That's just what mothers do. However, when he came to her house one weekend (while I was staying with her) to pick me up, I had to tell her the dreaded reality. She was appropriately upset and our "discussion" turned to a more spiritual revelation. I told her that if and when it's my time to go, whether I'm on a bike or on my sofa, nothing can stop it. I told her that I wasn't afraid of death (however, I'm greatly afraid of being hurt) and if you believed in the bible as she and I do, you believe heaven is a place that you want to go. IF you believe. However, if it's just a theory, then you should fear death. Looking back, I had to have felt like I was 17 again, knowing all there is to know (as all teenagers do and aren't afraid to share it), trying to 'win'.

I had to give you all the background to tell you that, on my mom's 77th birthday, I rode my bike up to see her (80 miles away) and take her birthday present. I was secretly hoping to hide the bike so she wouldn't see it when she looked out the window. However, she saw us both pull up on our bikes. I assembled her gift (had to put the gift in the gift bag as it wouldn't all go in my saddle bags properly), and proceeded inside. We had just gotten back from Las Vegas for a week and she was extremely glad to see me. She asked, "Did you both come up here on a bike apiece?!" I
said, "Yes. I have my own bike." I awaited a disgust of a remark but she continued to smile and so did I... a smile of relief! Hubby told her that I had been riding for almost 4 years and that I was a very good rider. (I always feel like Rainman when I say that, "I'm an excellent driver.") He continued that I haven't had any incidences and that we take backroads, etc...
She continued to smile. I wondered what was really going through her mind though she rarely leaves that to wonder.I swore that she would leave this planet without knowing I ride a bike just to spare her any extra worry. Heck, I feel like I'm still trying to make up for being a hellion of a teeanger. I turned out ok. And from the look of this pic, I can't help but believe she's rather proud and admiring of the rebel I have turned out to be.

I think she would LOVE a ride through

the North Georgia Mountains on this

old vintage sidecar...